Zombie’s Build diary

| December 31, 2017

Here is for new builders as guide. This is how I started. Micro coils. Because at the time I didn't have shit in the way of building but the type of person I am I jump head first and always have to be extreme. It's the street junkie in me. I've just found a different […]

Ohm’s Law Question.

| December 28, 2017

I’ve been vaping for a couple years now and have decided to get into mech mods. I’m doing my research on Ohm’s Law to being but I’m a bit confused by the Voltage Input part. When I’m calculating my amp draw do I use the 4.2V that my battery outputs raw, or do I use […]

how many watts for triple coils ?

| December 26, 2017

i would like to build triple coil but is 80w enough to power it ?

Clapton coils – general recommendations

| December 23, 2017

Hi The question might sound silly for most of the people here. But I am new to all this and don't want to learn swimming by drowning. What are the general guidelines for Clapton coils in terms of core wire gauge and outer wire gauge, if I decide to make 2 parallel core wires, fused […]

Drill needed

| December 12, 2017

What is cheapest drill that will work good. I've heard about a 20 dollar drill at Walmart but the tough brand doesn't seem like the cordless comes with a Chuck. I know there's a Chuck, but it doesn't come to a point on the outside, it looks like it's inside the drill. If you can't […]

New to building. HELP please

| December 10, 2017

Have a a few rebuildbles. RDA. Goon, and the goon v1.5. RTA. Pico clone given to me and the wotofo seprpent mini haven' tried the rta's yet. Been buying pre built Alien coil 0.45 OHMS / 0.3*0.8 flat 32GA A1 want to start builing coils myself. I'm up and up on ohms Law and battery […]

Twisted coil jumping ohms

| December 7, 2017

I'm a new coil builder. I do everything by hand, including twisting my wire. Tonight I spent an hour trying different coils and configurations on my voopoo drag and peerless rda. I built a 3mm id, 24ga ni80 coil with 6 wraps. First reading was 0.17ohms whilst pulsing and eliminating hotspots. Wicked it and it […]

A word on RDTAS

| December 7, 2017

I cannot stand to see tails of cotton inside the tanks. This is not proper wicking. These rdtas are meant to wick by the natural use of your vape. I chain vape and have never had a dry hit problem if I do this technique.. 1.) Cut just a hair longer than if the atty […]

Are you new? You want to learn let’s do it

| December 5, 2017

In this installation I want to help people interested in coiling make the leap as simple as possible. I hear time and time again people say "it's too complicated" and completely give up on any type of rebuildable weather it be an RDA, RDTA, RBA you name it. In here to tell you, it is […]

Compiling database of Clapton wires and there uses.How to know how to use a particular clapton coil?

| December 2, 2017

Hello. I have tried quite a few Claptons but I went back to simple single strand coils because I didn't think they where any improvements in any aspect of the vape other than the time-wasting aspect… But then I found out that winding a Clapton with ~0.315mm SS316 inner wire and 0,09mm Kanthal outer wire(I […]