V8-T8 vs. V8-T10 Cloud Beast Coils

| January 26, 2017

I just started to realize that, yes, the TFV8's deca coils are delicious and so far are the top cloud chaer coils on the market yet, the V8-T8 octuplets aren't really much weaker in the flavor and <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>vapor production at all. I notice the clouds are more insane than insane cloud amounts can ever […]

low builds

| January 23, 2017

how do people dry burn low builds i use my rx but it doesnt fire below .1 ohms. more a nd more im seeing people online with .02 builds. how do they get them to heat evenly. and no i dont want to build that low im just curious as to how they do it

is my clapton too much?

| January 22, 2017

i am using clapton with inner 24g kanthalA1 and 26g SS316L for the wraps, inner diameter is 2.5mm and 5 wrap each coil running in 0.24ohm usually with 80watt more or less. i found that my rda gets hot in just a couple of drag maybe 6-9 drag. is my clapton too much? it gets […]

My first coils

| January 22, 2017

well guys and gals here are my very first self made coils. Nothing spectacular or crazy. Just some twisted 24g. I was a bit intimidated at first but after doing tons of research I figured it was time. And let me tell you I had a blast! The vape is great too. The flavor is […]

All my vape pen coils only last a day, why?

| January 22, 2017

I feel like I am the only one with this problem because I don't see anyone else talking about it. How long are coils suppose to last? For me they are literally lasting a day. I know this can't be right or know one would be vaping or very few would. I started out with […]

nichrome 80

| January 22, 2017

does nichrome 80 cause more battery sag than kanthal even if their the same resistance? or is it the fact that i had much more wrapps with the nichrome trying to get the resistance the same as kanthal?


| January 17, 2017

Good afternoon, I've been vaping for around a year to a year and a half. And ill tell you what. I've been through 15 coils. I would say once a month i would have to purchase a $5-$10 coil from the shop. In otherwords i paid $75-150 a year for coils. If you do this, […]

Tfv8/cotton plz help!

| January 14, 2017

I just got the tTfv8 week ago and built on the rba and wicked using the cotton they sent with the kit. And holy crap was it awesome no dry hits wicked so dang fast no cotton taste. But then I ran out of the cotton they sent with the tank so I went back […]

Intermediate – advanced building techniques

| January 12, 2017

What's up all, I really want to take my building to the next level, any advice on building techniques Stagger prep: Two spools one hand technique?

Help With Cubis RBA

| January 11, 2017

Hi, I've been trying to rebuild the Cubis rba section, I build the coil, wrap some cotton, insert the leads, etc…but I don't know why every time I inset the tank with the rebuilt rba in it, the mod keeps fluctuating the ohms. Sometimes the ohms go up then down. I have tried in different […]