How do you know when your clapton is burnt?

| September 28, 2016

I have a suspicion that my clapton might be burnt? First question, is it supposed to be black? second I dont know If it tastes burnt…. is the cotten supposed to darken a bit, sort of candyfy?

series mech mods

| September 28, 2016

what are some good nice warm builds for a dual 18650 series mech mod?

Nickel coils

| September 19, 2016

New Member Hi, new to forums in general. I've built a dual ni200 coil for my griffin 25 rta on top of the kbox 200 in TC. It's 28g- 10 wraps- comes out at 0.07.. The problem I'm having, is getting my head around how this won't just turn my kbox into a grenade. On […]

Vaping coils cheat sheet

| September 15, 2016

Okay, I'm at a novice level of vaping now, but I want to help that noob out in that noob stage! Why doesn't everyone post simple builds, in writing..for example, For a good cloud chasing build, duel 7 wrap parallel with 24 gage kanthal on a 3 mm bit and ohms at 0.16.. For everyone's […]

Help with temp control

| September 13, 2016

jumping in the temp game been vapen for three years tons of experience in rebuilding but now feel like i did when i first started vaping so the question is i vape at a 0.8-28 gauge 3mm 8 25watts what Nickel wire would best get me there thanks

SS twist coils

| September 13, 2016

Just playing with options Normally I would take one strand and twist it then twist another piece then twist them together BUT THAT made it hard to make tight wound coils so I just twisted 2 pieces together then wrapped 6.4 turns. Together I got 0.14ohms. I want to build something outside the sub ohm […]

Need build ideas for my first mech mod

| September 13, 2016

Hello fellow vapers!! Ok just want to start off and say I am aware of ohms law and battery safety. With that being said I was given a limited edition cartel clone from a friend at a local B&M. The 2 rdas I want to stick with this on mech is the 22mm norris rda […]

What kind of coils to build?

| September 13, 2016

when i look at images on google showing different RDA's and RTA's they have coils that wrap just enought to fill the gap from post to post. I need on advice on what coil to make that isnt terribly hard to build that will fill the gap on the deck. Usually when i build a […]

Clapton coil questions

| September 10, 2016

So I recently bought a little spool of pre made kanthal Clapton wire and wow, the flavour is just awesome. It's reading at 0.5 ohms and for some reason I can vape at 25 watts no problem whereas with the included RBA coils for my subtank mini, I couldn't push it much past 18 watts […]

Coil Compatibility

| September 10, 2016

Hi , I'm very new to vaping. I've got an Eleaf Pico iStick 75W MELO 3 Mini Atomizer. The kit came with 2 coils (0.3 & 0.5 ohm). But now I need to replace both coils, and I don't know which coils (other than the ones that came in the kit) are compatible with my […]