.1 ohm ss coil leads heat up first

Posted By on April 30, 2017

working on making a coil for Wickless Vaping. I guess it's a stacked coil using revers parallel wire. My understanding of coil temp is that the highest resistant wire heats up first. Well my leads are heating up first. I pre-ordered my wire and it's two pieces of 9.75" mad rabbit low resistance 24g wire. Any ideas on how to get the coil to heat up before the leads. It holds about 4-5 drops of <a href="http://www.vapininthecape.com/eliquid_c_7.html”>juice and on temp control of 200 works but this is a design I want to perfect for my simple…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/1-ohm-ss-coil-leads-heat-up-first.322486/”>.1 ohm ss coil leads heat up first

Uhmm about making coil(s) and cleaning.

Posted By on April 25, 2017

Hey all, I only have few questions to ask.

When using TC or Wattage Mode, is it better to use spaced coils or unspaced coils?

When the coil(s) gunks up, how do u guys clean your SS coil(s)?

So my friend has an ultrasonic cleaner, if I borrow his USC, can I use that to clean gunk up coils and pre built coils?

Flat-pack coils

Posted By on April 25, 2017

Hello everybody,

About 2 years ago, I discovered the best coiling / wicking method ever for TC with Ni200. Seriously! Well, it works very well with other types of wire too, but it's harder to do. It works great with Ni200 because it's very soft. I call the coils "flat-pack coils" because the coils are flat, and the wicks need to be unusually well packed.

Having been away from the forum for a long time, I thought the method was common knowledge – since it's so simple. But my local vaping…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/flat-pack-coils.317757/”>Flat-pack coils

Clapton Calculator

Posted By on April 25, 2017


I have made a calculator on excel which gives a decently accurate estimation for the Clapton wrap length required.

It covers Clapton, fused Clapton and tri-core Clapton builds using any wire gauge for both core and outer wrap.

I made it just because i was curious about how much of wire i would need for certain build as I am starting to learn building on my own.

Hope you find it beneficial and of course comments and feedback are more than welcomed

My Instagram account if you would…

Clapton Calculator

Coil leg direction?

Posted By on April 24, 2017

I have an avocado 24 on a smok alien 220w mod. I've been reading up on coil building and came across a site saying that certain RTAs have to have both coil legs in the same direction while others require both coil legs in the opposite direction.

With my specific RTA and mod which do I have to have, both coil legs in the same direction or both coil legs in the opposite direction?

Also by both coil legs, is that referring to one coil or two (I want to use one coil until I get better at…

<a href="http://vapingunderground.com/threads/coil-leg-direction.321113/”>coil leg direction?

Best quality wire snips?

Posted By on April 24, 2017

My coil master wire cutters are getting loose and dull. What are the best wire snips out there?

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Clapton for TC

Posted By on April 19, 2017

I have never used Claptons before and i have now converted to being a 100% TC vaper, all pre-made claptons in the market by Geekvape and Youde are mostly Kanthal which means power mode only and i do not like that.

I do not understand the implications of electrical conductivity in Claptons, path of least resistance, contact vs. spaced claptons, must clapton builds be contacts?

Can i make claptons with SS316/403 and what effects do wire gauges used have on its electrical properties? what…

Clapton for TC

Coil leg discussion basic to advanced.

Posted By on April 18, 2017


Thought I'd start a dedicated thread discussing coil legs….

Some rookie questions I'll start with….

What does a short leg length obtain as opposed to a long leg?

What if any tool do you use to measure the leg?

Where on the coil do you begin to take the measurement?

How important is an accurate coil leg?

Fire away. No pun intended.

Build issues.

Posted By on April 12, 2017

I feel like I've posted a hundred questions but I've watched countless videos, read through other articles and I feel like my vaping experience has become more frustrating than enjoyable. I probably put a new build on each device at least on e a day because I continue to fail to get a pleasent experience. Lately I've been experiencing the following issues.

1.Nasty metallic/burnt taste from fresh coil and wire build that isn't tight but also isn't loose. Check the cotton and it's not burnt…

Build issues.

Build suggestion bring the dam clouds

Posted By on April 11, 2017

Ok have this rda coming for my noisy cricket this will be my clouds mod don't care about flavor I would like to stay around .4 max of .3 what would be the best build to fill the sky with clouds
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