Artful Coils: How will changing the shape of coiled wire change the resistance?

Posted By on November 22, 2017

hi to all, as a newbie in vaping, the first thing that appeals to me is its structure, so I want to ask some help. The situation is following, "<a href="” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>vape Mods" are a type of atomizer used in e-cigarets. These "mods" can be built basically from scratch. The simplest mods consist of little more than a battery and a coil shorted over the battery drenched in a vegetable glycerin(VG) and propylene glycol (PG) mixture soaked into an organic cotton or silica…

<a href="”>Artful coils: How will changing the shape of coiled wire change the resistance?

Dry firing new SS316L coils

Posted By on November 20, 2017

I got some help in a TC thread a while back. I can't seem to find it. Anyways it doesn't matter. Maybe someone can help me with this. I don't remember a proper way to use SS wire. I had some 26ga SS humming in my Griff25+, flavor galore.

I didnt keep at it and went to try recently. I got a metallic taste I hadn't had previously. I'm thinking I need to dry fire them to an extent? I use a Crown3 and Cleito .4 SS coils without dry burning. Why am I getting this taste?

Recently I got some…

<a href="”>Dry firing new SS316L coils

Camera for coil porn

Posted By on November 20, 2017

Hey everyone. I would like to buy a camera that I can use to take pictures of my coils. I know almost nothing about cameras. I want to really be able to take close up hd shots though.

It doesn't matter if it's a portable camera or one of the kinds that connect to my computer webcam style.

It would be a big bonus if it could capture hd video as well.

Price is not super important but I don't want to spend $800 on a camera I'm only going to use for coil porn.

Sent from my LGL64VL using…

<a href="”>Camera for coil porn

Kanger’s new .2 ohm vertical occ = Fail?

Posted By on November 20, 2017

So I ordered a pack of the new kanger .2 vertical occ coils from sweet vapes as soon as they were available. Just tried one on Friday and wow, what were they thinking? Wattage recommendations on the side of the coil show 25-80 watts. Construction looks the same other than slightly larger <a href="”>juice holes and a thicker gauge wire inside.

Placed inside my Subtank mini and primed with a high vg <a href="”>juice. Starting at a low wattage to break it in. Not much <a href="”>vapor till about 30-35 watts. vapes like crap…

Kanger's new .2 ohm vertical occ = Fail?

How to determine what coil to build

Posted By on November 18, 2017

Two months into coil building, and I can't seem to find the answer to the simplest question.

How do you figure out what is the best coil to build? What I mean is, yes, we know resistance, and types of coils, but, how do you know which is the coil that will give you the results you want, I am not finding this.

What I mean really is, exactly, or roughly, if you want say a certain result, meaning, great flavor, or great clouds, how does one know what gauge wire to use, how many wraps, what…

<a href="”>How to determine what coil to build

New App – VaporSuite – Now Available on Google Play

Posted By on November 16, 2017

As a (serious) vaper, and DIY enthusiast I’ve been searching for apps that can do what I want to (do it well and do it easily), but I have not been able to get anything that fully meets my needs… So, I started to do my stuff in Excel. This soon evolved to an Access database. But being stuck to a computer is a problem, so I started to develop bits and pieces in Apps for my smartphone. I have now comped all the different pieces into a single app – <a href="”>vaporSuite.

My goal is to have the ULTIMATE…

<a href="<a href="”>vaporsuite-now-available-on-google-play.325820/”>New App – <a href="”>vaporSuite – Now Available on Google Play

How to clean your premade coil heads?

Posted By on November 16, 2017

Hey all, Im using tfv8 x-baby tank I've been using it like 5-6 days now I can see some gunk. I'm about to buy rba for x baby soon, but as right now using 2 coil heads that came with it.

What's your guys methods for cleaning your premade coil heads?

Regular nc60

Posted By on November 16, 2017

I've tried every coil out of the demon killer pack. Don't get me wrong, there cheap and I have them so if I'm out and about I don't have to bring my whole coil building set up.

There not bad, but I think I prefer twisted, duel parallel and regular macro coil all made from nc60. The performance is better flat out. Faster ramp up time means more flavor and <a href="”>vapor.

I love trying new things out, that way I can get down to it. I don't mind, I'm still learning. Infact, I'll always be learning. I…

Regular nc60

Calculating resistance for corrugated wire

Posted By on November 15, 2017

Hello fellow builders. I was just sitting down to make a pair of corrugated staggered staple fused claptons and I realized something. If I try to use steam engine or vape tool to calculate the resistance of my desired build, it will not be accurate because these programs assume that your ribbon is straight. If I want to make 12" of finished coil, I will need to cut 15-16" pieces of ribbon to run through the crimper. So even though I will be using 4 pieces of .4 ribbon, they have more mass…

Calculating resistance for corrugated wire

Micro Hive

Posted By on November 15, 2017

I've been really experimenting with hive wire because I saw how well it preformed in comparison to Clapton wire. I honestly would love an all nichrome 28g 36g. I'm not really liking the ramp up time of the kenthal Claptons I've got. Truth be told.. I think a regular macro nichrome 24 guage out performs the Claptons ive bought.

I am in serious need of a drill, I've been hand twisting everything. Money has been super tight, I'm a recovering addict alcoholic as some of you know, and I've got…

Micro Hive